That’s why we continue to invest in ever more advanced safety systems like Toyota Safety Sense, standard on most models.

You might say that your safety is our peace of mind.

Designed to keep you, your passengers, and all who share the roads Safer

Standard on all Toyota vehicles, Star Safety SystemTM features six accident avoidance technologies to enhance your vehicle's stability, braking, and traction. 


TSS-C features Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam.

Our Ultimate Goal

A world without accidents

Safety Awards are one measure of our journey towards an accident-free world. Awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) are the milestones by which we measure our success. 

Your Safety Is Our Peace of Mind


Quality Means Safety


In addition to thousands of virtual simulations, Toyota conducts more that 1,600 vehicle crash tests each year – all to learn more about keeping you, your passengers, other drivers, and all of those who share the roads safer.


Take our airbags, for example. Not only do electronic connections for the airbag system have gold-plated terminals, making them immune to corrosion, every single airbag that comes out of a Toyota plant is inspected three separate times on the production line before being connected


In 2015, we introduced our Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), a complete re-engineering of our powertrains and platforms, designed to make Toyota vehicles better in every way — including stronger, safer and able to readily integrate ever-more advanced safety systems.


TSS-P enhances TSS-C, and adds Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to its suite of systems.

TSS 2.0

Builds on TSS-P, and consists of up to six active safety and driver assistance systems.

TSS 2.5+

TSS 2.5+ adds new capabilities to pre-collision, dynamic radar cruise control systems and enhances lane tracing assist.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

ABS helps prevent brakes from locking up by pulsing brake pressure to each wheel to help you stay in control in emergency braking situations.

Brake Assist (BA)

Brake Assist is designed to detect sudden or "panic" braking and then add the full pressure needed to help prevent a collision.

Smart Stop Technology

This advanced technology automatically cuts engine power and allows the brakes to take precedence over the accelerator when both pedals are pressed at the same time.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

VSC helps prevent wheelslip and loss of traction by reducing engine power and applying brake force to the wheels that need it.

Traction Control (TRAC)

Traction Control helps maintain traction on wet, icy, loose or uneven surfaces by applying brake force to the spinning wheel(s).

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

Toyota's ABS technology has Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to help keep the vehicle more stable and balanced when braking.

Toyota Safety Sense TM

Quality, Durability and Reliability are the Hallmarks of a Toyota Vehicle. Along with years of driving enjoyment, the quality we build in at every step of production also serves to enhance your safety when behind the wheel.

Standard on most models, Toyota Safety SenseTM (TSS) is an advanced suite of active safety features that are designed to support your awareness and decision-making across a range of speeds and driving conditions.