Corrosion Inspection Request


■  Your vehicle must be clean prior to the inspection, as the presence of dirt, debris, or neglect could potentially result in your claim being denied.

■  During the inspection, photos will be taken at the dealership by a Corrosion Specialist. Following this, your claim will be submitted to Volkswagen Canada for comprehensive assessment and review.

■  Please understand that the processing time for corrosion/perforation claims can vary, typically taking up to a month, and occasionally extending beyond this timeframe in extraordinary situations.

■  As soon as a determination has been reached, we will promptly notify you with an update. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this process.

In order to guarantee optimal service and efficiently address your concerns, kindly fill out and submit the provided corrosion/perforation form as per the given guidelines. Once we have received your completed form, we will promptly arrange an appointment with one of our experienced specialists.

Please note that the corrosion/perforation warranty does not cover paint blending. Moreover, instances of corrosion or rust that arise from road debris, tree sap, or bird droppings are not classified as paint defects within the scope of the warranty.